haunted windmill

This disused and dilapidated windmill is a little less than a day’s travel from Farmer Bean’s farm along the road, which slowly turns from a weedy cart track to an overgrown footpath much past the windmill. Farmer Bean refuses to go near the site.

Upon entering, the wind can be heard howling in the rafters, even on days when the air outside is still. Poltergeist activity is common in the windmill, but the ghosts are easily quieted with holy energy or a disrupt undead spell. A brown stain on the flagstone floor looks like it may once have been a pool of blood, long ago.

Lifting up the flagstone under the blood stain reveals a tunnel downward at a steeply curving angle. If one climbs down carefully, they find that the tunnel levels out but continues to descend in a wide corkscrew until it’s about 30 feet below ground level, where it opens into a labyrinthine complex of catacombs full of restless undead such as skeletons and zombies.

Bowain nearly died in one chamber of the catacombs when he and Nameless triggered a gas trap while trying to retrieve some platinum coins.

A map of the known extent of the catacombs is available here.

haunted windmill

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