Expeditions in the Frontier Reach

Session #04 - Galmir Town

Present: E’Daraz (Don), Mortimer (James), Bo (Jeremy)

The adventurers decide to delve deeper into the Reach, in search of one of the settlements which supposedly lies less than a week’s journey from Pioneer’s Folly beyond the Bruinen.

On their second night in the wild, making camp just beyond the haunted windmill, the group was attacked by a trio of ravenous wolves, managing to kill two and drive the third off.

The following day they crossed some wooded hills and hunted a wild boar, making camp at the far side of the hills. On this night they were annoyed by kobolds who invaded the camp and devoured the cooked portion of the boar.

After a couple more days of travel they arrived at Galmir Town on the shore of a large lake where a river flowed out of it. They found several severely dilapidated buildings, but managed to scavenge a few useful items before they were attacked by a madman throwing bombs. After subduing the madman, they found their way into a large temple which offered healing energy as well as a cloud of bats. This scuffle drew the attention of a different tribe of kobolds that made the town their home.

Making peace with the kobolds, the adventurers decided to investigate the shuttered town hall, which the kobolds insisted was a dangerous place. Within they were beset by giant tarantulas and a giant black widow, barely escaping with their lives.

Session #03 - The Sunken Fort II

Present: Luliana “Crabs” Crabvalley, Bullsnout, Tungsten Thurgood, Kiri, Nameless, B’wain Bonebreaker

Building off the relative success of the preceding foray into the Reach, a group of the adventurers make for the sunken fort to further uncover what treasures may lie within. They discover that a tribe of lizardmen have made the fort their home, and lurking in the mud-filled caves below are a number of troglodytes allied with the lizardmen.

One of the lizardmen, some kind of shaman, carried a staff with some sort of marble emblem lashed to the head. Upon killing the shaman, the adventurers saw that the marble emblem was in fact an amulet, or more accurately, a piece of statuary designed to resemble an amulet. Perhaps the statue that it came off of could be located.

Session #02 - The Sunken Fort I

Present: Luliana “Crabs” Crabvalley, Bullsnout (Devin), Bo, Mandy Lovelace (Nick)

Hearing a rumor of an old fort built upriver from Pioneer’s Folly, the adventurers set out through the woods to uncover its location and find out its fate. Along they way, they were beset with stirges trying to drain their blood, but managed to fight them off. Upon arriving at the location of the fort, they discovered that since the time of the fort’s construction, the Bruinen has overflowed its banks and turned the ground into a swampy morass, allowing the heavy stone walls of the fort to sink into the muck.

Session #01 - Mushroom Cave, Haunted Windmill

Present: Bowain (Todd), Nameless (Wes), Tungsten (Al), E’Daraz (Jeremy).

Drawn by the rumor that the Frontier Reach would be reopened to exploration, this party of four intrepid adventurers were the first to enter the territory. One of King Thumin Arroway’s high advisers, the priestess Corvyre, announced the opening of the territory and asked the adventurers to retrieve a certain mushroom, as it was the only cure for a disease which afflicted the son of King Arroway.

The tavernkeep at the Kind Conjurer, Inder, suggested they seek out Farmer Bean at his farm, who further recommended they look for an old druid who used to live nearby. After encountering some wild dogs and roving orcs, they located the druid’s dilapidated hut, evidently abandoned for about a decade or so. Inside, they found a painted shield which led them to a nearby cave filled with fungus. They retrieved the mushroom they sought, though not without raising the ire of some leshies. Returning via the farm, they gave a large quantity of copper coins to Farmer Bean as thanks. Back in the town of Pioneer’s Folly, Corvyre rewarded the party handsomely before departing for the capital.

Excited from their adventure, the party decided to make a second foray, seeking artifacts of the Company of Fourteen. They happened upon evidence of recent hunting activity, but elected to investigate the old windmill instead. There they found the windmill to be haunted, and buried beneath it, a labyrinthine complex of catacombs. While the rest of the party fought a trio of skeletons, Tungsten investigated possible poltergeist activity. Bowain nearly died when he and Nameless triggered a trap while attempting to retrieve some platinum coins. The party retreated back to Pioneer’s Folly to lick their wounds.


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