Frontier Reach

The authority of King Thumin Arroway ends at the far foot of the Rammas Menniath range, where the fast flowing Bruinen runs.

Two centuries ago during the expansionist period that marked the height of the Galmir dynasty, more than a dozen pioneer caravans were sent into the wilderness to establish settlements; all failed, either through famine or disease or conflict with the locals, while others were simply never heard from again. During this period, the Company of Fourteen also explored the region, having many epic adventures.

Despite the potential riches in the region, king Virs Galmir IV decided to close the border and forbid any future exploration ~150 years ago. It is said that the only people in the reach are criminals and madmen, since more than a few fugitives have escaped punishment under Quilan law by crossing the Bruinen.

Now the region has been opened for exploration again by King Thumin Arroway, allowing those who are brave enough or foolish enough to risk their lives for potentially great rewards.

Frontier Reach

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