Expeditions in the Frontier Reach

Present: Luliana “Crabs” Crabvalley, Bullsnout, Tungsten Thurgood, Kiri, Nameless, B’wain Bonebreaker

Building off the relative success of the preceding foray into the Reach, a group of the adventurers make for the sunken fort to further uncover what treasures may lie within. They discover that a tribe of lizardmen have made the fort their home, and lurking in the mud-filled caves below are a number of troglodytes allied with the lizardmen.

One of the lizardmen, some kind of shaman, carried a staff with some sort of marble emblem lashed to the head. Upon killing the shaman, the adventurers saw that the marble emblem was in fact an amulet, or more accurately, a piece of statuary designed to resemble an amulet. Perhaps the statue that it came off of could be located.



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